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Transcending Fox

Shungite - Garnet - Moonstone

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 211 Canadian dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Note: The price includes shipping for most countries outside North America, some countries are subject to minimal additional charges Fox Facts: - Extremely playful - Can make 40 different sounds “What does the fox say” - Related to the Canidae (dog) family - Behaviour closely associated with cats - Use's the Earth magnetic field to hunt Spiritual Significance The Fox reveals itself during times of unpredictable change. With its heightened sense of awareness, this spirit animal compels us to be more aware of our own senses and make swift decisions. Seen as a spirit guide in some cultures the fox navigates us around the spirit world. Shungite - EMF absorption - relieve emotional stress This is your best friend against EMF radiation. There are different qualities of Shungite found in Russia that can be used for different reasons. Due to its high carbon content, this soft mineral will only be shaped in the “regular grade” Shungite Elite Shungite with a carbon content of 98% or higher can purify water and relieve emotional stress. This mineral is a bit of a mystery as it is believed to be at least 2 BILLION years old. The reason why this is a mystery is because this is from a time period that is before organic life existed on the planet. Chakra - Root Zodiak - N/A Garnet - Empowerment - Strength - Abundance Garnet A spiritual stone of higher thinking and self-empowerment, it is a stone of strength and safety. Symbolizing an awakening of our inner-fire helping produce the strongest life force energy of all crystals. This energizing stone will remove any energy blocks attracting success and reigniting your passion. Chakra - Root, Heart Zodiak - January Moonstone - New beginings - Growth - Intuitive The perfect stone for new beginnings, Moonstone promotes inner growth and strength. This flashy crystal will aid us in enhancing our intuitive abilities while finding inspiration. Moonstone boosts feminine energy with a strong connection to the moon. Its soft and soothing energies will balance our emotions promoting senses of power and stability. Chakra - Crown - Solar Plexus Zodiak - June Disclaimer - due to screen resolutions, colours may appear differently than pictured. We cannot be held responsible for discrepancies caused by colour variances. This is a natural product and blemishes or imperfections are possible.

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To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24hrs in advance.

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