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Hey there,

My name is Rob and I love crystals!

I want to take this time to share with you my story. 

Since I was a little kid under the age of 10, crystals have always fascinated me. Maybe it was the sparkle or the fact such a thing came from the ground. I was bewildered and unconsciously attracted to the vibrations crystals hold. I once read that “Crystals are minerals that belong to the earth” and it resonated so deeply within me. To hold, to carry, to create with such a natural earth material feels magical. 

It wasn’t until early 2019 that I picked up an Amethyst bracelet at a local market and found it was too tight. I grabbed some materials and learned how to create a bracelet for myself with the Amethyst beads and added a few Clear Quartz. 

That was it, I was eager and excited to create more. I was obsessing over the patterns and color combinations I could create. I ended up making 16 bracelets that Saturday afternoon and knew I had to continue this hobby. 

One day I decided to bring in my bag of bracelets and showcase them to the people I workaround. It was a hit. This gave me the courage and validation I needed to pursue this long-lost passion. 


By March 2020 I did something for myself on my birthday. I went to a local crystal shop and took a class on how to make mala necklaces. This was the next chapter of my story, I could feel it. I went home and started to make a mala.. realizing how long it took I set it down and forgot about it…for like 7 months. In the summertime, I started experimenting with creating live edge wood candle holders. I was having a lot of fun coming up with new creative ideas and incorporating crystals into every piece. When the winter hit I was challenged, all the wood creating was done outdoors and that’s when I looked towards mala necklaces again. 


When I create a mala necklace I consider them unique and non-traditional. I love to incorporate stone pendants and play with the pattern and knots throughout the 108 beaded necklace. There is always a theme or reasoning behind the design and every small detail. Every interaction and mala made is a way to learn and grow my abilities as a creator and a human.

The journey continues.

-- Rob

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