Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Each bundle comes with
- 1 Sage 4"
- 1 Selenite 4 3/4" - 5 1/4"
- 1 Amethyst Raw MD point 1"-1 1/2"
- 1 Clear Quartz Raw MD point 1"-1 1/2"

Sage is used for energy cleansing or smudging. Sage has been used for hundreds of years with other herbs for ceremonial purposes. It is believed that sage smoke can absorb energy from conflict, anger or intense emotions.

Selenite is one of the only crystals that dont need to be charged or cleansed. Selenite has a natural high vibration which makes this possible. This makes it an excellent mineral to have to active the higher Chakras and a must have for all types of spiritual work.

Amethyst is one of the most famous crystals throughout history due to its beautiful purple hues. It is a natural calming stone bringing tranquility. Amethyst activates spiritual awareness being connected to the Crown Chakra.

Clear Quartz is the most popular healing stone of all crystals. Regarded as the Master Healer, Clear Quartz amplifies any energy or intention by absorbing, storing and releasing. Clear Quartz protects against negative energy while connecting you to your higher self.


How to Use It:
-Light the Palo Santo
-Once you have smoke going, use your hand to direct the smoke all over your body/crystal/home.
-Visualize the smoke taking away the negative energy out and replacing it with positive energy.
-When you are finished, press your palo santo into the shell until the fire is out.

Smudgn Peace Bundle With Bracelet