Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

**Made to order**

108 crystal beads


Handwraped Pyrite cube pendant


Labradorite is an excellent stone to have around when you are in the midst of transformation. How ever that looks in your life, Labradorite instills strength and perseverance while balancing and protecting the aura. 
-promotes psychic abilities - grounds spiritual energies-

Rainbow Obsidian is a dark stone that has some beautiful chromatic reflections when caught at the right angle. This stone dissolves unloving thoughts that the ego brings up in your life. In this case it is a protective stone against emotional and psychic harm. 
- forms against negativity - draws out mental stress -

The pendant is a Raw Pyrite cube wrapped in macramé. This is a powerful piece as Pyrite is a powerful protective stone that shields and protects against all negative vibrations/energies. It brings a sense of clarity to intellect and memory, helping recall information more easily when needed.
- known as fools gold - symbol of abundance and prosperity-

Protected Transformation