Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

I got super excited when I started with this design and the finished outcome is mesmerizing...

Hematite, Lava, Blue Tigers Eye combination with an intuitive pattern and Hematite pendant.
When this was finished I held it in my hands and felt the weight of what was created. The Lava beads are light so it balances out the heavy Hematite. That being said it is comfortable to wear, like a weighted blanket I like to think :) 
I say mesmerizing because of the Blue Tigers Eye. At first glance its hard to tell but once you catch it in the right light woahhhh buckle up and find a comfy seat.

Blue Tigers Eye is a soothing stone promoting stress reduction and deep relaxation. A great stone to have around to aid in fatigue, allowing you to open up with a clear mind.

Hematite is a great crystal to have around due to its ability to balance the chakras. This stone is heavy for its size and brings a sense of grounding to our energy. Used to dispel and balance negative energies that we may interact with on a daily basis.

Lava is the perfect stone to connect us to Mother Earth. A great grounding stone able to provide courage and stability when change is happening.

Blue Tiger Mala